Birthday Suit Swim

It's been a while hasn't it.  I've been busy and there's not a lot to blog about.  Unless you guys want to hear about my 5 month battle with athlete's foot.  In my armpit.  Yeah, I didn't think you'd want to hear about that.  A really strong anti-fungal pill took care of it.  And made me dizzy for a couple of days.  Then gave me hives. So I took prednisone.  Which gave me insomnia.  And crazy bursts of energy.  Oops.  I told you about it anyway.  I'll spare you the pictures.

Other than that there's been training.  Squeezing it in around the 24 credits I'm taking this semester...but I only have class on Wednesday and Thursday (five day weekends!!!!-that I have yet to not study through), and lots of online classes (way more work than a traditional class), and four different one week long classes (one down, three to go), and....I'm taking way too many classes this semester.  So I took an early semester break and went to the Big Island for three days.  And trained.  But there are no pictures.  It all looks the same anyway :-)  See, nothing new and/or exciting to blog about.  Except maybe the date with the hot Aussie I met on the road between Kawaiihae and Waimea.  But that's for another blog.  I came home just in time for the Superbowl party.  That came with complementary massages.  This massage chair is awesome (for $4950 it better be!).  I can't think of one thing my massage therapist does that it didn't do.  Except accidentally tickle me. Oh wait, it did that too.

Nothing exciting to blog about.  Until today.  It's Laura's birthday and I invited her to swim to the Mokes with a couple of my regular swim partners.  And tweeted "You should swim in your birthday suit. I'm a girl, the turtles won't care, and Eric is a doctor so he's seen it all before".  Then I goaded her some more.  And finally 1/3 of the way to the Mokes she stripped down to her birthday suit.  I stuffed her swimsuit down the top of mine and we started swimming again.  I immediately stopped and said "you have to get on the other side of me.  Every time I breathe I see your boobies."  She stopped about 100 yards from shore and put her suit back on.  But she was hooked and wanted to swim back naked.  I agreed I'd go.  And the guy who was with us said "I swam in college, if I can figure out what to do with my car key I'll do it".  Uhm.  He was was swimming with two gals.  Of course he'll get naked if if means we will too  But I remembered my college roommate telling me of the naked swim practices they had.  So I felt sort of like a real swimmer.

Pretty soon three of us were standing on the Mokes trying to figure out what to do with our swimsuits as we swam back to shore-they were too big for under our swim caps.  I finally wrapped my bottoms around my left wrist, my top around my right wrist and watched two naked white butts go running into the ocean.  And I followed.  We swam back to shore naked.  Laughing most of the way. We decided it would be a birthday tradition.  Next swim is March 23.  7AM.  Or maybe it will be a full moon tradition.  What's 28 days from now?

This was before it got really bad

(Un)fortunately there are no pictures of the swim.  But since I believe in blogging with pictures, here's a picture of my athlete's foot armpit. Next up was horseback riding.   I had to pick a helmet.  They were all too small.  So I looked like a dork.  And my horse Herbie kept stopping to eat.  I tried to be firm with him, but I understood.  I was hungry too.

Next stop was the Shack.  I love that place.  

I had the weather gods on my side all morning.  The Mokes swim was during the only 90 minutes where it wasn't pouring in Lanikai and the sun was out for the entire horseback ride and lunch.  But then it started to pour.  Perfect sleeping weather. I finally got a nap-the prednisone induced hyperactivity was wearing off-fast.  And then a ride. Where it poured.  Then the sun came out.  Then my derailleur broke.  So I took my impromptu single speed (really a double speed, but who's gonna ride in the HARDEST gear over Diamond Head) home.  And went to taco Tuesday for one margarita.  But had four beers. There are no pictures of that.  Tomorrow it's back to the grind of finishing one masters while starting another.  So you might not hear from me until spring break.


Christi said...

Wow, that is a lot of classes. I wish you the best of luck with them.

Naked swim! That sounds great!

Ouch! That pic looks like it really hurts.

jessica said...

I hear ya on the online courses overcompensating with heavy workloads. I'm doing just 11 hours this semester of classes I've ALREADY taken and it's still kicking my ass!

Kim said...

oh i wish in march it is warm enough in boston to swim outside in my birthday suit, but alas - you can swim for me!

i love that striped top.

Katie said...

your day sounds faabbulous.

mickiruns said...

So you're saying I HAVE to fly out to Hawaii every year on my birthday and swim naked??

Seriously, the things I do for you...

Love your shirt!! Hope your arm heals fast - that looks painful. As does your school schedule. The countdown to break begins!

GoBigGreen said...

Oh how fun,i love some skinny dipping,wedo it at our pool all the time and our neighbor guy is like jimmy stewart, rear windowing us:) LOL.
Icky icky on your arm, hope that is better now!

Molly said...

I think I"m tired just from reading about your day!!! :-)

Teresa said...

You are amazingly busy. But looks like you are balancing it out with tons of fun. Sorry about the armpit-itis. Glad it is all better! Tn

solarpowered said...

Whoa that's some serious armpit stuff.

Other than that, it sounds like life is pretty good! Let's hear more about the aussie :)

coach dion said...

A picture of your swim would have been better than the picture of your armpit... hope it gets better soon.

The Triathlon Rx said...

Hahha I was seeing that picture of the red spot before you finished your swimming naked story, and I was thinking ohhh my god they got stung by jellys... somewhere where jelly's ain't supposed to sting!! ;)

Glad it was a fun (/non-stinging) swim, and GOOD GOD that's a big credit load!! Hang in there, and keep recharging with dates with cute Aussies if need be. ;)