Twelve Days of Thanksgiving

Wrong holiday?  Oh well, I'm going the 12 Days of Thanksgiving.  Or maybe only the 10 Days of Thanksgiving because I got a late start (hint: there will be some after Thanksgiving too!)

On the first of Thanksgiving I'm thankful for a four day weekend!  Truth is I have a four day weekend almost every other weekend.  I set up my schedule so I  always work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and rotate Mondays and Fridays.  And since my job with the Department of Labor is flexible about when and where I work, I just pile most of the work on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Which right now is super easy because it's just a bunch of computer based training, some videos to watch, a few phone calls with DC and emailing with San Francisco.  But until I get certified to actually work, that's all it is. (And next weekend is a five day weekend, you bet I'll be thankful for that!)

Friday I sat down and plowed through my to do list. And then I decided to just go ahead and finish a paper.  Which meant I got to check something off Saturday's to do list.  Pretty soon all of Saturday's to do list was crossed off.  And about 6PM, I realized it was still Friday, not Saturday.  Which meant Saturday was a day with nothing to do.  Except fun stuff.

I knocked out my run early and decided to push the swim off until today.  I'm adverse to swimming in the ocean when it's not bright and sunny out.  Which means today I'll swim in the pool because the sky is still kind of junk.

But I did pack up the dogs and head to Lanikai.  The goal of the day...wear Moose out.  The Lanikai Loop trail delivered as it usually does it.  And of course he got to swim and play with his sister- by-another-mother-though-born-on-the-same-date named Bella. (They don't have the same father, but they are both labs and were born on the exact same date).  I don't think of Moose as being big yet, until I see him next to other dogs.  He's bigger than Bella and almost as big as her big brother Jake.  He is bigger than Springer, but when I look at them separately he just doesn't look that big.

Moose was sufficiently tired and Springer was too.  Springer doesn't hike very much now, but all the attention she gets at friends' houses wears her out because she won't sleep if there's a chance someone will pet her.

On the second day of Thanksgiving I'm thankful for tired puppies. Moose let me sleep until 7:30 AM.  And for that I am THANKFUL!   And then he didn't make a peep until I got up.  After a walk and a quick bath he went back to sleep.  But not until he managed to dry off on the couch.  Today is MAJOR house cleaning day.  My eye problems have come down to just allergies.  I'm 90% sure it was the vog, but since I've never had problems before, it might also be Moose.  My eyes started to get really bad right about the time Moose's coat changed from super soft puppy fluff to thick waterproof labrador coat. There's no way I'm giving up Moose, so I guess I'll have to vacuum  more.  And get leather furniture.  Which, with a dog who loves water and the couch as much as Moose does, was already in the plan.

Nice photo bomb Moose.

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Steve said...

still with you Maggs although I hate everyone today. Except me. :)

I will not say everything on my mind, because none of who I am has anything to do with you.

I am me. Comfortable with it. Pretty comfortable with who you are too, but maybe you aren't always??

How would I know? You are okay though.